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Service Disruption

Service Disruption

DDoS and More

While automation and AI has allowed your service provider to scale and grow, the volume of subscribers is taking a toll on the service. But how are there more requests than there are subscribed customers? Someone needs to dig deeper.

Why Us?

Cyber Gamified has a variety of gamification solutions that will fit your every need.

  • With games and scenarios covering every sector, we will have you prepared.
  • We'll incorporate your product into the our games to show best use cases.
  • We create interactive unforgettable experience for your events.

Decision Makers

Executives can test their game plan and war room strategies as if they were in a real attack.

Train your response times and ensure you are covered before your organization gets hit!

IT Professionals

Take it technical and find any holes in your tech arsenal before its too late.

Put your techs skills to the test and ensure they are up-to-date on all training!

End Users

In a breach, all departments have a role to play, from media and PR to administrators and HR!

Each scenario can be customized to show the responsibility of any user in an active attack.