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Enterprise Shutdown

Enterprise Shutdown

Limited Logging

You are midway through a routine service route when suddenly your production application is locked. Access is denied with a ransomware note and you have clients in line for service or midway through. Your operations have gone dark. How do you get back online?

Enterprise Shutdown

Shadow IT

Your services are running smoothly and there are no alerts. Until a customer service agent receives a call: the customer is at risk and their details aren’t accessible on your system. All PII is missing and no bookings visible. How will you identify the breached application?

Enterprise Shutdown

Poor Access Controls

In a hyper hybrid environment, your organization has found a happy medium. Operational integrity seems to be strong until all HMI screens go dark. The network logs reveal no anomalous logins until someone realizes a set of logins from a vacationing employee. Was too much power and access left in one employee’s hands alone?

Why Us?

Cyber Gamified has a variety of gamification solutions that will fit your every need.

  • With games and scenarios covering every sector, we will have you prepared.
  • We'll incorporate your product into the our games to show best use cases.
  • We create interactive unforgettable experience for your events.

Decision Makers

Executives can test their game plan and war room strategies as if they were in a real attack.

Train your response times and ensure you are covered before your organization gets hit!

IT Professionals

Take it technical and find any holes in your tech arsenal before its too late.

Put your techs skills to the test and ensure they are up-to-date on all training!

End Users

In a breach, all departments have a role to play, from media and PR to administrators and HR!

Each scenario can be customized to show the responsibility of any user in an active attack.